Holiday Tea Time

Holiday Tea Time

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Packaged in our white glossy 10" x 10" magnetic closure gift box with ivory crinkle fill and finished with a greenery sprig, pinecones, and ivory satin ribbon.

COFFEE TEA - Caturra Tea Natural Focus is a delicious tea made from sun-dried coffee fruits with their natural antioxidants & caffeine. Caturra is the name of the Arabica coffee tree. The red, ripe coffee fruits of the tree are picked, seeds removed, & sun dried naturally. From its amber tone to the full taste of citrus and black tea, Caturra Tea is delish hot or cold. That said, a stick of cinnamon makes the tea POP!

CANDLE - 865 Candle Company 4 oz. calypso, cotton-wick, soy candle. 865 Candle Company candles are hand-poured in Knoxville, TN and are made with premium soy wax, cotton wicks, and phthalate free scents. Your choice of 4 scents.

SAFETY MATCHES - Beam and Basket strike-on-bottle, white colored-tip, safety matches  (approx. 40 matches). Hand assembled in Lenoir City, TN.

COOKIES - Box of Unna Bakery Swedish Raspberry Jam Drop Butter Cookies. Made with sweet cream butter and Non-GMO ingredients. Contains four packs of 2 cookies each (total of 8 cookies).

TOFFEE - 2 oz. Towns Toffee White Chocolate Pecan rich butter toffee handmade in small batches in Sweetwater, TN. *Contains nuts.*

INFUSER BALL - Rose gold infuser/strainer ball. Use for tea, spices, or coffee. Features a long spring action handle for ease of use.